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​Client testimonials


A small collection of feedback from happy customers!

Wow wow wow!!! Professional, revitalising, wonderful! Thank you, Lisa!!

Izelle Graham


Since I started using the Theravine range which Lisa Viviers provides at her beauty salon in Upington, I have never looked back. I have made it a inextricable part of my daily skincare routine. In only a short while my skin has changed dramatically, from a dry, tired skin to a healthy, glowing one. This remains true even if I am actively enjoying the open air or being indoors. Furthermore, every need my skin has developed, I can rest assured that Theravine has thus far gratified every one. As such it has become a product without which I cannot grow old! I want to thank Lisa as an outstanding therapist for her care and love, as well as Theravine for their wonderful products, which only gets better time after time."

Annerie Gerber

Upington, Northern Cape

Lisa is professional and has a passion for her work , her genuine interest in you as a client makes one feel at home and she has a calming effect on people ... I do not even talk about her healing hands ... you step away always with a light heart . Keep it up , Lisa !!!!!

Doret Swart

Upington, Northern Cape

I could not have made a better choice for my wedding !!!! Lisa's Make-up was exceptional ! (She even managed to handle my very sensitive skin). She supported me all the way , chocolates,  helped me dress. I will be eternally grateful for her quiet , yet fun presence .

Tienie Wessels


My use of Theravine's beauty products rests solely on the fact that they are unadulterated by harmful petrochemicals, a quality extremely rare in mainstream brands, even the ones that are very expensive. It is thus also Theravine's organic quality that ensures one's skin is treated exceedingly effective, yet gently. I am furthermore very pleased with Lisa's professional approach to every treatment as well as the comforting and tranquil environment that she creates in her salon.


As it pertains to Kryolan's makeup, it is by far the best quality I have ever come across. Their pigments are potent and its powder extremely fine-this means one can merely give gentle strokes to the sensitive eye area, while still accomplishing an amazing look. I also respect the promptness with which Theravine and Kryolan services us indirect clients. "

Joanna Gouws


I have been using TheraVine's beauty range of beauty products for teenagers since I was fifteen years old.  Up until that point I have tried a number of other ranges, none of which satisfies as much as TheraVine.


These TheraVine products helps my skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated  As somebody that does intensive training 5 days a week for sport, it is by no means a hassle to use these products.  At Lisa's beauty salon in Upington she always provides helpful advice and tips for the use of my TheraVine beauty routine. 


All these atributes, the quality of TheraVine's beauty range for teenagers as well as Lisa's handy tips, has truly made a huge difference to my skin."

Ciske van Niekerk


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