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I offer a wide range of beauty treatments, which are listed below.  You can also purchase Gift Vouchers for friends and loved ones.  Information about some of the products I use during treatments can be found on the Beauty Products page.  If you wish to make a booking for any of my treatments, please visit my Contact Us page.


Be assured that all treatments in my Salon are carried out professionally and adhere to strict hygiene practices.  All waxing treatments include before and after care, and are carried out with clean wax and strips - I DO NOT under any circumstances recycle waxing products.



At Beauty & Body’s Beauty Salon in Upington, it is first and foremost Lisa’s goal that your skin functions to the best of its ability with expert guidance and support.


TheraVine™ offers a selection of 13 cutting edge facial treatments, all of which are done with the utmost care and hygiene practices at Beauty & Body’s Beauty Salon in Upington.  As such Lisa exclusively does these TheraVine™ facials since it provides the perfect skin maintenance one would look for in a facial. It namely hydrates, replenishes, nourishes and stops time in its tracks.

Furthermore, the aroma and texture of the TheraVine™ facials ensures a multi-sensory experience. Each of the treatments done at Beauty & Body’s Beauty Salon in Upington  can be further enhanced with eye, hand, foot or scalp treatments for the ultimate indulgence therapy.At Beauty & Body’s Beauty Salon in Upington, it is first and foremost my goal that your skin functions to the best of its ability with expert guidance and support.


Weight Loss by Electrotherapy - Slim up, Tone up and Tighten up.  Is it not true that most of us struggle with very specific areas of our body that we would like to be toned? The Electro-therapy treatments done at Beauty & Body’s Beauty Salon in Upington provides the answer to this predicament. Electro-therapy is done by placing pads over specific parts of the  the body which send deep penetrating impulses into the muscles, causing them to contract and relax, simulating natural muscle movements causing weight loss in the targeted areas. 

This form of weightloss therapy actually proves to be very relaxing, while at the same time expertly aiding in your weight loss. The pads are held in place by self fastening expanding straps. Having selected your slimming routine and having placed the pads in position, all you have to do is switch on the machine and gradually advance the intensity control dials to regulate the degree of exercise required. Then while you relax, read a book or sleep, your effortless beauty exercise is done for you. And, at the end of your treatment time, the machine will switch off automatically and sound a ringing tone to wake you up.



Whether you are coping with aches and pains or are looking for a much needed session of relaxation, Lisa’s techniques at Beauty & Body’s Beauty Salon in Upington helps to relax the often tense and sore muscles many of us have.  Even if you are merley looking forward to a special day of pampering, the answer lies with Beauty & Body.

Receive a customized massage using your choice of one of our anti-oxidant blends. It contains pure Grapeseed oil and various natural botanicals, all of which have a very specific purpose. Perhaps your skin is dehydrated and dull, or it craves better overall circulation. Be assured that there will be a complete massage that suits every need.  At Beauty & Body’s Beauty Salon in Upington Lisa ends all the massages by wiping the back with a hot towel to remove excess oil. In this way, you receive the full benefits each treatment provides without saturating your clothes.excess oil. 




Beauty & Body specialises in Bridal, Special Occasion and Glamour make-up.  Lisa only uses Kryolan Professional make-up. This particular make-up is unlike any other brand of its kind. Kryolan, originating from Germany, prides itself in the superior quality make-up. Kryolan have achieved this by ensuring their make-up have a very strong pigment, thereby ensuring that the slightest application immediately has the desired effect.  By doing this, you can rest assured that your make-up will remain fresh and beautiful for your special occasion.  The results will speak for themselves.

In keeping with this tradition, Lisa is dedicated to bringing out the natural beauty in people's looks by enhancing their natural features with her professional make-up techniques. She aims to create a flawless and fresh effect with shades that best reflect your personal preferences for a beautiful and radiant look. Lisa is very well know for being a perfectionist, and as such she always strives to make your best assets look exquisite and more beautiful than ever!


Manicures and Pedicures



At Beauty & Body’s Beauty Salon in Upington, Lisa pampers tired feet and legs with a soothing spa pedicure. She begins with a foot cleansing ritual followed by a stimulating friction scrub to remove dead skin cells. Your feet are then massaged with luxurious foot oil followed by the application of a refreshing menthol gel to improve circulation.This treatment also includes nail and cuticle attention, followed by a dazzling nail colour for your gorgeous new feet.



Indulge your hands to a spa therapy- Lisa firstly treats her clients’ hands to a gentle grapeseed exfoliation followed by a moisturising hand oil massage. Afterwards, a moisturising cream mask is applied to soften and smooth the epidermis. This treatment includes nail and cuticle attention as well, followed by a nail colour of your choice for your rejuvenated, younger-looking hands

Waxing & Tinting

TINTING:  Bring out the sparkle in your eyes with a popular procedure known as Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting. Tinting creates an illusion of thickness, which is an ideal way to enhance the eye colour and accentuate a perfectly shaped brow.

Waxing:  Due to a slight level of discomfort waxing may not be for the overly sensitive skin. However, Lisa posesses the ability to use this method of hair removal quickly and very effectively in order to target desired areas of the body, leaving your skin with a luxuriously smooth finish


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General Information


  • All treatments are performed on a COD basis.

  • Beauty treatments not cancelled 2 hours in advance will be payable as other clients could have been helped.

  • If you are more than 15 minute late for your appointment it will automatically be cancelled.

  • Slimming sessions not cancelled 2 hours in advance will be forfeited.

  • Slimming treatments must be completed within 2 months of payment.

  • Bridal Packages and Gift Vouchers are available upon request.

  • Free consultations is given when it has been arranged with the beautician.

  • Please keep in mind that each client’s treatment will differ in time.

  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice. E&OE.


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