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  • TheraVine™

  • Kryolan

  • Medi-Heel

  • Gfrag®

  • Lipo²

  • Bellabachi

  • Essie

TheraVine™ where science meets natural beauty


Nestled in the midst of the Cape Winelands, TheraVine™ is the culmination of extensive research and development over many years, using the latest in scientific research and advanced technological active ingredients to which the finest viticultural by-products are added to develop a specially crafted, extra-sensory health and skincare range.


TheraVine™ obtains its grape-derived ingredients, rich in anti-oxidants, amongst others from the South African indigenous Pinotage grape cultivars, which contain high concentrations of grapeseed polyphenols, known as oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). It is proven that OPCs are 50 times the strength of Vitamin E and 20 times the strength of Vitamin C with regards to their levels of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants in skincare products are vital because they help repair past damages to the skin as well as assist in preventing future damage caused by free radicals. Thus, containing such powerful anti-oxidants, TheraVine™ will exceed your expectations of health and skincare ranges.







TheraVine™ uses active ingredients at the highest recommended concentrations indicated by scientists for superior outcomes, rather than simply including a minimal amount for marketing purposes. We believe in developing skincare products that achieve actual results.


With TheraVine™ our concern is for more than just your skin. We make sure that our products, which are all naturally derived, do not contain harmful alcohols, artificial fragrances, colourants, harmful petrochemicals, or mineral oils. None of our products have been animal tested. In addition, TheraVine™ offers paraben free product options.


The fact that TheraVine™ fuses the super anti-oxidants derived from grape cultivars with cutting edge active ingredients at highest percentages makes this range a world leader in skincare beauty. It is where botanicals and advanced technology unlock the power of natural beauty and skincare. This is achieved by using sound international scientific research, advanced technological active ingredients to which the finest viticultural by-products from the Western Cape area are added. 


TheraVine™ is a unique, South African product, high in anti-ageing antioxidants and natural healing properties, presenting the answer to healthy and radiant skin.


TheraVine™ – South Africa’s sensory gift to beauty & skin care.


For any more information visit and for testimonials go to!gallery/c7ga

Kryolan - Make-up is a Science

There is only one real professional make-up maker. There is only one Kryolan.

Kryolan have been supplying the film, theater and television industries for over sixty-six years, which makes us one of the world’s first professional make-up brands. We’re still the number one choice for make-up artists today, thanks to our extensive range of over 16,000 high-quality make-up products and accessories.


Our qualified chemists are continuously developing new products and looking for raw materials with exceptional qualities – which led to the development of our Dermacolor range, attracting the attention of clinical dermatologists all over the world.













The Professional Difference:


What sets Kryolan apart from other make-up brands, professional or otherwise, is our dedication to meeting professional make-up artists’ needs and demands. Every sector has its own expectations, for example theatrical make-up must be extremely hard-wearing, so we only produce formulas that can perform under industry pressures:


  • Kryolan Make-up offers its clients a truly exceptional quality make-up suitable for everyday use.

  • All our products are very long-lasting, yet still comfortable to wear

  • Every formula we develop is highly pigmented and color-intense

  • We use ingredients of highest purity for unbeatable skin compatibility

  • We guarantee color continuity, which means you can recreate similar looks again and again

  • Our brand offers the highest degree of product safety and reliability – perfect for the professional environment

  • Every one of our color-true products stands up on stage and on camera, even under HD lighting and filming conditions


For any more information visit and for make-up done by Lisa go to!make-up-gallery/c1nf9

Medi-Heel - Cracked Heel Solution

Discover how to have smooth heels – The Truth be told. We have your cracked heel solution with Medi-Heel!

We looked at the traditional way of treating cracked heels while doing pedicures and turned the system on it’s head. We changed the sequence of the traditional pedi and added the procedures and products we knew would guarantee better results.



Gfrag® comes with a Lifestyle Plan that will guide you every step of the way to become a healthier, slender, confident you!


Whether you are looking for help with gaining health or losing weight, improving your sports performance, a specific problem or just wonder what is missing from your diet and lifestyle habits, we look forward to personally assist you.

Our aim is:

  • Healthier

  • Slender

  • More confident you!


Lifestyle plan, menu's and recipes included. Follow us on our Facebook page : Gfrag® weightloss injections and lifestyle South-Africa The Official Site  or our website

What makes Lipo² different to ordinary lipolisys?

Our injections consist of two components, Lipo and inerfusion. Thus the name LIPO² as its 2 produts that needs to be used together to work in synergy!

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Bellabachi - Kiss your body better


Tight or sore muscles? Digestive disorders? Headaches or migraines? Cellulite? Stretch marks or spider veins? Joint pain? Kiss your ailments goodbye with the Bellabaci Body Massage System.


According to ancient Chinese medicine, stagnation in the body is never a good thing. In fact, it causes problems. The Bellabaci Massage System consists of two silicone cups scientifically designed to eliminate stagnation, intensify metabolism and dermal respiration, improve the skin’s elasticity, increase resistance to temperature and mechanical factors and improve muscle function.



  • Use it on your neck to relieve headaches and migraines.

  • Use it on your stomach to stimulate the peristalsis movement and alleviate constipation.

  • Use it to stimulate your lymphatic system and improve circulation.

  • Use it to feel well and stay well by detoxifying your body, improving circulation for profound relaxation.

  • Use it for the treatment of Rheumatism.

  • Use it for the relief and remove fluid retention.

  • Use it to firm those bingo wings.

  • Use it to treat insomnia and for a sound sleep.

  • Use it to treat muscle spasm.

  • Remove spider veins.


For any more information visit

Essie Expertise /About Essie


once upon a time… a mademoiselle just out of ballet slippers, had an a-list idea. why should a damsel in a dress settle for nails au natural? from this stroke of brilliance, Essie Weingarten created smokin’ hot colors that were cute as a button and haute as hello. with blanc and really red in her carry on, she headed to Vegas, where she mesmerized the limo-scene with her stylenomics.


Soon, every scarlett o’hara was jamaica me crazy for essie colors, from blushing bride and prima ballerina to bahama mama and big spender. even the devil’s advocate was sew psyched. it seemed there were no boundaries to mini how high this leading lady could fly.


In lady like fashion, essie sold good as gold, from the coat azure to fifth avenue – all while keeping merino cool. the secret story to success? sure shot chic color with a master plan that’s a cut above the rest, leaving the glamour purse set proclaiming, “it’s genius!" brazilliant essie color has become the shine of the times, proving that beauty is not just a pretty face.


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  • All treatments are performed on a COD basis.

  • Beauty treatments not cancelled 2 hours in advance will be payable as other clients could have been helped.

  • If you are more than 15 minute late for your appointment it will automatically be cancelled.

  • Slimming sessions not cancelled 2 hours in advance will be forfeited.

  • Slimming treatments must be completed within 2 months of payment.

  • Bridal Packages and Gift Vouchers are available upon request.

  • Free consultations is given when it has been arranged with the beautician.

  • Please keep in mind that each client’s treatment will differ in time.

  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice. E&OE.


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